This is the unofficial site about Qt.
Qt is a Trolltech product. See for more information. Here are presented misc examples, icons, articles, and translations for Qt.

  • KCheckers - Qt version of the classic boardgame "checkers".
  • QNetWalk - the game for system administrators.
  • QStars - Qt-based screensaver.
  • Scale example program shows how to obtain scaled images. It demonstrates the differences between QImage::scale() and QImage::smoothScale() functions and the differences between ScaleFree, ScaleMin, and ScaleMax modes. See a screenshot.
  • QIcons is a set of high contrast icons for KDE and QActions. See a screenshot.
  • KBFlags are the flags icons for keyboard layouts for KDE and other WMs.
  • Russian support for Qt: russian.qph and qt_ru.ts (distributed with Qt).
  • Screen Saver with Qt article.
Русско-язычный список рассылки Qt-разработчиков (для подписки отправьте письмо-запрос модератору): Статьи и переводы: